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Hi fellow list owner and marketer!

What is IM AdSwaps about?

Simple, it's about using simple Ad Swaps to "leverage" your list to build your list...

"Matt Garrett's forum is worth at least $2,000 per month for me. This is the big secret behind how I grew a decent sized list so fast."

Jason Parker

If you don't have a subscriber list or newsletter in the internet marketing, work from home, make money online niche then you don't need to be here.

If you do, then please read on...

How was "born"...

A couple of months ago I was approached by fellow internet marketer, Sean Mize, who was interested in doing an "Ad Swap".

This is basically where he emails his subscribers about my "offer" and I do the same with my list for his offer.

The offer obviously needs to be something of value that you are offering for free in return for people signing up to your list to make sure you get the most subscribers possible.

In many ways it's similar to a "giveaway" event, but because it's just two of you the offer can be a lot more personal, and therefore more effective..

I was a little busy at the time (as usual) and didn't get around to doing the swap until recently, but it was such a success that it opened my eyes to the power of this model.

Sean and I both added over 200 new subscribers to our lists, for free, in 2 days with just a few minutes work, For FREE!

I have doubled my combined list size since doing ad swaps from this site!



While comparing notes with Sean afterwards I discovered that he has added over 1,800 new subscribers to his list using this method that month alone!!

When Sean asked if I knew any other marketers who might be interested in doing an adswap I think he actually heard the light bulb go off above my head!!!

I'm a fan of the old saying, "Keep It Simple Stupid!", so I decided the simplest way of helping both Sean and myself, as well as other marketers like you to do more ad swaps was to set up a forum where we can all post our adswap offers and requests.

and IM was born!

How does it work?

Once you optin to the email form below, you will get access to the forum, at no cost, so you can start doing adswaps with other marketers and getting fresh new subscribers to your list!

I did mention it was simple, didn't I...

So please help me make both our lives a bit easier and a LOT more profitable...

I respect your email privacy and promise to never sell, share or rent your email address.

Great report Matt and Sean,

you guys have summed up a perfect FREE "secret" that almost all the major guru's use day in and day out but rarely ever talk about.

I'd venture as far to say that 99.9% of my list was built doing AdSwaps & joint ventures.

It is the #1 way to build a rapid list of buyers who will never keep your wallet empty. If you've ever wanted to have your own personal ATM machine, the list is it!

Keep up the great work,
Reed Floren

Bonus Added : Ad Swaps Bonus Report

As an extra bonus, Sean and I have written a report to help you get started with using Ad Swaps to build your email optin list, including some template emails, and you can get access to it for free in the IM forum.


I just wanna say that ad swaps really are the way to go! you can't beat the kind of traffic that an endorsed mailing get's you from another marketer.

I've been building a list in the IM niche since about july of 07 (almost 1 year now) and i'm almost over the 10k unique subscribers point...a lot of my list has been built by doing adswaps.

Here's what I really like about doing adswaps...when you do one you are really setting up a very low level Joint Venture with someone else. When you do a bunch of ad swaps you start to build up your own little network of JV's that you can approach whenever you have a product to launch or have some new thing you'd like traffic for...

the other thing about doing ad swaps is that you can do them MULTIPLE times..with the same people! Heck, if you've done a successful swap with someone once..why not do it again and get more subs and more sales for each other.

ok, rant swaps are awesome, and anyone on this boad please PM me to set one up...but beware..i move fast so be ready to mail soon!

--Corey Lewis

Want to see the kind of results you can get..?

Below is a screenshot taken from my AWeber account recently: -


this shows a brand new optin list that I have built to
over 5,600 confirmed subscribers,
in under 2 months just using AdSwaps!!!

and as you can see from the testimonials on this page, I'm not the only who's getting these kind of results, so why dont you join us and start using FREE Ad Swaps to super charge your list building efforts today...

Use the optin form below to get access to the free IM forum: -

Just one ad swap with Matt Garrett's list got me a cool 652 confirmed optins within 24 hrs.

In 48 hrs he got me 797 and 11 sales.

I was really impressed and Matt would definitely be on the top of my list for any future ad swaps.

Louise Puddy

If you have any problems please feel free to contact me, my online support desk, in case you have any problems getting email through to me, is here: -

matt garrett support desk

Please note that I answer all support requests personally and I live in the UK, so I may be sleeping when you send your request and you may have to wait a short while before I can get back to you, but rest assured I will!

Kind regards,

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